Friday, October 21, 2016

There ought to be a law


There are people out there that prey on others. The elderly are a particularly vulnerable class. In mom's case that vulnerability is exponentially increased, and there are few avenues of safety.

Yesterday, an insurance company called mom. The person on the phone asked Maria, who answered, to talk to Betty. Maria asked "May I tell her who is calling?" because she is well trained---but the person on the phone didn't say she was calling from an insurance company, she said "it's Patty."

My mom has a sister named Patty, and Maria knows that, so she tells my mom "it's Patty"
The person on the phone tries to sell mom insurance. Mom gets confused, then angry, because Patty is talking about stuff she doesn't understand. I take the phone. I still think it's my aunt, so I say "sorry Patty, it's not a good day" and the person on the phone says "I'd like to talk to you about your insurance." I realize my mistake. I say "we are on the do not call list. Please do not call here again" the person hangs up without acknowledgement or apology.

I call into the phone settings and add the number to the blocked calls. But mom is off now. It takes hours to get her back to level. Maria feels terrible.

My frustration is that we must have a phone. We need to be able call out for emergencies, to call in to check on mom, to keep mom in touch with her family.

We're on the do not call list. We have an unlisted number---we have to pay to be unlisted. We get 30 blocked numbers. But these jerks have multiple phone lines. They call and call. How do they have mom's name? If you ask, they hang up. I have called the phone company and asked if we can limit mom's incoming calls---instead of blocking 30 numbers, can we allow only 30 numbers? No. They don't do that. Can we have mom's number designated as restricted? No. They don't do that either.

And there are the people who come to the door. Time-Warner Cable. ADT home security. We have a "no soliciting" sign on the door. They totally ignore it. They keep talking even after they realize that something is amiss---and a very few minutes talking to mom should clue you that something is amiss---they ask to come in to show mom brochures on their plans. And she would let them in. It's frightening to think of how vulnerable she is.

I can't stop mom from opening the door to strangers. She grew up mom in a different time. You answer the door, even if you aren't expecting anyone. And you are never rude to guests, even if you don't know what they're talking about.

It seems like there should be a way to ward off these attacks on mom's peace. It seems like the FCC would have some "protected class" rules about sales calls to homes of the impaired, but no. And that "no soliciting" posted does nothing to deter door to door hawkers.

So it falls on me to be a ferocious guardian.

So beware, you knockers on doors, you pushers of goods. I am ferocious, and angry too. There have been others before you, who confused and harassed my beloved, and you will pay the price. I will not be kind. I will report you, block you, be rude to you, and call the police on you.

I put curses on you too, you who prey on the elderly: May you suffer all you inflict times ten, may your business suffer and may your conscienceless behavior keep you from peace.

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