Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Menu Redux

August 26, 2014
My awesome plan to begin a menu project continues. I am ashamed to admit that I continued the project, but stopped the blog. You might say I bogged on the blog, or maybe bogied. Writing about food wasn't as much fun as eating.

And both kids got braces, which slows down the experiment train. I've fallen so far away from our fun project, that we're in the rut that is Monday night pizza and Wednesday night chicken.

So, I've come back to the blog because writing about food inspired me to seek out new food and new flavor combinations. I am hoping to re-catch that adventurous outlook on feeding my family.  

Having said all that, today is cherry popsicle day; dog day, toilet paper day and women's equality day. I am not sure how to put that together in a menu, so, we're off to the ballgame. Go Dragons!