Friday, October 21, 2016

Teaching mom to knit February 2016


I am teaching mom to knit. Any activity that coordinates brain and body is good for maintaining cognitive function. She is making a dishrag. Every day we finish a row.
I sit next her with my knitting and we do every stitch together. I told her (forgive me my friends whose politics don't agree) that the left hand needle doesn't move, the right hand needle does all the work--like democrats and republicans.

I say "So you lift the democrat up, wrap him in a clean shirt, see wind the yarn like this, and then he gets a job and jumps off the no work needle onto the working needle. TaDa, Now he is a republican."
20 stitches in the row. I repeat the little story with every stitch. As she moves each stitch over she laughed delightedly and says "my dad would be so proud, he was a staunch republican. He would love that I am making republicans"

Then she says "I love learning to knit."

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