Friday, October 21, 2016

From March 2, 2016, The Birthday


Mom's 80th birthday is Saturday. She is so excited that all four of her kids are going to be together. She can't keep track of when this is happening and where this is happening, but she knows it is going to happen.

Today, she opened her back door to my knock and said "I wasn't expecting any of you this early. Goodness you must have gotten up at dawn to arrive here so soon."

I tell her it doesn't take that long to cross the driveway and I was right next door. She says "My daughter is over there babysitting, did you see her?"

I say, " I am your daughter, and my kids are over there getting ready for school. I came to see if you are up and ready for the day."

She says "I am ready for my day. I'm eighty, today, you know."

I say, "no, little wren, you are not 80 yet. Come over here and look at your whiteboard. See "Betty's Birthday Countdown?" See how it says "4 days to 80?" Well, I am going to change that, today it's 3 days to 80. And, on your birthday everybody will be here to celebrate."

"But they're not coming today?" She radiates disappointment. "Somebody told me, I think it was my mom. She said they were all coming and I wasn't to do a thing."

"Oh mom, I hate to tell you. I'm sorry, but it couldn't have been grandma who told you that. She died some time ago."

She lowers her head for a minute. "I know that. I remember that." Then she says "But somebody said they were all coming."

"Well," I say " little wren, they're not all coming today. I am here, and later Kim will be here. It's like a preview day, you just get a sneak peek."

"A preview of what?" She says

"Your Birthday," I say, "Kim's coming today, and I am here. It's a preview of all the commotion and noise you'll have when everybody comes for your birthday."

"Is today my birthday? I am 80, you know. And everybody is coming"

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