Monday, October 31, 2016

Scoutmaster minute November 2015

The word of the month is Trustworthy. The word is on my mind this month because it’s the time of year when Webelos scouts are visiting troops to see which troop is right for them. It’s also the time parents are visiting troops to see which makes them feel best about scouting. The question on the minds of the parents is troop 320’s trustworthiness. Can they send their was-a-cub-scout-just-yesterday son into the woods with our troop and trust that we will care for and teach their scout? I don’t worry about the scouts—you scouts will all recall how you were chomping at the bit for independence when you crossed over from cubs—the scouts are ready. The Scouts will be fine.  

Parents, well, the difference between cubs and scouts is the difference between elementary and middle school. It’s a big change, and they happen at nearly the same time. Parents aren’t always ready for it. 

We weren’t ready when you went to preschool, or when you rode your first two wheeler. Parents won’t be ready for it when you turn 16 and drive, or 18 and go away to college.  But parents learn to let go, each step of the way, when you are ready—we go along acting like we’re ready too—and pretending to be ready lets us get actually behind your independence.  So when you see anxious new parents visiting with the Webelos scouts, remember, they are only pretending they are fine, and say something nice and soothing. Like you do when the scoutmaster asks you if this is in the guide to safe scouting.  

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