Friday, October 21, 2016

I want my car

Mom wants her car. She mad today. She says I am keeping her isolated. Her car is her freedom and I have no right to keep her car from her.
I understand, I do. She grew up in rural KY. She told me once that the first time she ever went to town she was 10. She said when she learned to drive, it was like that first trip to town. I understand.
I also know she not safe to drive.
I tell her car in shop. I change subject. I tell her today she riding with me.
Sometimes these work. Sometimes, she gets mad. Why am I doing this to her? Do I think she can't drive? She wants to go home.
I say, I know mom. I say, I'm sorry you can't go right now. I say, I have some new pictures on my phone, you want to see what your brother's kids are doing?
We ok, for 15 minutes, or an hour. And we start over again.
Tough day.

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