Monday, October 31, 2016


Last week I attended an Alzheimer's Association dinner at Sinclair Community College with my good friend Robin. I was energized and disappointed by the information given at the "Will I be Next" event. I was energized by the amount of Alzheimer's research being conducted in the Dayton, Ohio area. I live at the convergence of medical and technological advances designed to help the DSLO (dementia suffering loved one) and the caregiver. It's heartening to see how many people are working toward a goal.

Disheartening was the commercial the Alzheimer's Association ran
because while it was meant to inspire hope and encourage donations to our goal--the "survivor" in the commercial is very young--13? Which tells me, that in the mind of the people developing the commercial, the solution is 50 years away. And that is too late.

We had a room of thirty and forty and (ahem ahem ) fifty somethings in that room who all hope to be that first survivor. We need to find the cure, prevent the onset and stop this killer now.
Not in fifty years!

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  1. Yes Curtis, we need to pray for accelerated research and cure. Thanks for sharing.