Friday, October 21, 2016

Moral Dilemmas


One of the tough things about mom's condition is how often I am thrown into ethical dilemmas by her. For example, mom wants to vote.

When she's "online" she discusses the news from the newspaper pretty coherently. She says she doesn't like Trump or Hilary.

Another time, she asks me why Ronald Reagan isn't running again.

Sometimes she laments the loss of a solidly good candidate like Ike, and I think I've mistaken her Reagan comment. Then she says she's not going to vote for Obama.

Truthfully, it's nearly impossible for her to vote. I'd have to drive her back to Cincinnati to her old polling place because we didn't change her voter registration---it just wasn't on our radar.

I don't think she should vote because she isn't a competent citizen making a reasoned choice, but when I read political FB posts I think no one else is either. And they have nothing like mom's excuse.

And I pray for guidance.

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