Friday, October 21, 2016

March 19: Mom and Scouts in one


So mom came with me today to some scout events. First we had Scouting for Food, where scouts collect bags of donated foodstuffs for the needy. Mom recognized one of my scout dads, Charlie, whom she danced with at a Bar Mitzvah in January, but not his wife, who she met last week.
Mom did great spotting bags on porches for scouts to run up and get. She ran up and got a few herself!

Then, we went to the Air Force Museum. There were lots of scout groups at the museum today, and mom had trouble recognizing our scouts---even her own grandson. We paired the scouts up and pretty much cut them loose to explore.

The randomness of how people traveled the exhibits worried her. She worried about little kids she thought were too far from their parents. She worried that every scout she saw was one we were responsible for: she kept trying to corral scouts from other troops to come with us. When I explained that there were a lot of groups there, and not all the scouts belonged to us, she said "I thought you were their master."

Then, we went to the Wright Memorial and visited the interpretive center. Our scouts tried the simulator. Mom was really impressed that they were learning to fly planes so young. She wanted to sign up for flying lessons too.

Afterwards, she cheerfully waved goodbye to each scout we dropped off, with a "nice to meet you." But when we got home she's forgotten entirely what we'd done today.

She told my sister on the phone that she'd been home all day and her old friend Sarah had come to visit. She said they hadn't seen each other in years. It was nice to have a day at home. 

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