Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Regularity is the Secret of Success

My son and I spent some time taking about writing this morning. He is working on his essay for his Eagle rank application in which he has to discuss his purpose and life goals. I am a professional writer. I write grants, or did before mom moved in next door. It's much harder to write when the phone rings every five minutes, or when mom keeps knocking on the back door---but this blog isn't about mom.

The life purpose essay is giving my son some trouble. He has a clear idea of what his purpose is, but he is a man a few words ----how that happened when I am his mother is baffling---and is having difficulty elucidating. So, in general terms today, we talked about writing. I shared some blog entries. He hadn't known I have been writing a blog. We talked about the structure of the blog compared to say, a college argument essay. He was thrilled to think that his purpose statement could be less formal than an argument essay.

He was very complimentary about the blog. Then he said I should post more often. "If you want to get followers, you've got to have regular upload."

Then he told me that he has friend that has a You Tube channel. ( He said his friend's videos are really good and that he has 70 followers and could have more if he was more regular. His friend, he says has computer problems. He makes videos and accidentally deletes them. Once his cat walked across the keyboard and deleted five videos that were uploading.
According to my son, "Regularity is the secret of success." He says, if people see or read something they like, they want more of it. You need to post a least once a week. Every day would be best. You need to work on it.  I said "back at ya, dude." And he sloped away to work on his essay.

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