Friday, October 12, 2012

The start of blogging

You know what I hate? I hate fixing dinner for my family and sitting down to wrinkled up noses. "What is it?" or "We just had this!" are things everyone whose worked hard on a meal wants to hear. So, I posted on facebook that we were in a meal rut and I needed help. I said "Post a recipe, save a mom." Recipes came from everywhere. It was great. But my kids: still not so excited. They agreed that some of the food was good, but "its still chicken."

What is a mom to do?

I went to the library, of course. I took out bunches of cookbooks; I planned; I shopped. My kids ate and pushed food around on their plates in the same percentages. Some things ok, some things not.

Then I took out a calendar of holidays. I started cooking to match the holiday. Ethiopian New Year, we made bread with teff flour and shedded spiced chicken. On Roald Dahl's B-day we had cornish hen (I couldn't get my hands on a pheasant) and peach cobbler. Kids ate! Kids excited!

My new idea was born. Celebrate Every Day. A 365 cookbook with holidays. Include the kids in the research, planning and cooking.

and we're off.

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